KDE Plasma Desktop

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Slax uses the KDE desktop. If you've been using computers for the past few years, you should find KDE refreshingly familiar and intuitive. After all, a computer is a computer is a computer, at least to some degree.

First, let's review the system tray. Find this in the lower right corner of the desktop. It holds many useful and common controls.


To adjust screen resolution or to configure multiple displays, click the monitor icon in the system tray.

The display configuration panel is self-explanitory. Set your resolution, configure where multiple screens are placed in relation to one another, and so on.


Adjusting the display.


Next to the displays icon is the volume control.

Click the speaker icon once for the main volume control; this controls the over-all volume of your computer speakers or headphones if they are plugged in.

If you need more control, right-click the speaker icon and choose the Audio Setup option. This shows you every available sound input and output on the computer and lets you decide how you would like to use them.


Pump up the volume.


Also in the system tray is the network control. This is where your connection to a network can be configured. If you are connect to a network by an ethernet cable, the connection will be auto-detected.

If you need to connect to a wireless network, then click the Manage connections button. This will open up a list of available networks. Click on the Wireless tab and select your wi-fi network name and click the Edit button on the right.

Enter your wireless network password, and then click OK. Now you can connect to the wireless network you have configured from the pop-up wireless control panel.


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