Getting Slax

Method #1 Buying


The easiest way to get a copy of Slax OS is to purchase it on a bootable thumbdrive. It will cost you $25 for a very nice and sturdy metal USB drive with 16gb of space for your files.

The advantage to buying Slax is that it's all ready to go for you, so if you are not confident in your tech skills, this is the easiest point of entry.

Buy it from


Wait, you can just up and buy Linux? Yes, yes you can.


If you are on a computer that will not boot from a USB thumbdrive, then you can buy Slax on a CD for $2.95

By doing this, you get a disc, ready-to-run, that you can boot your computer to when you want to run Slax. No setup required. The disadvantage is that the CD cannot save changes you make to Slax, but of course your files you can always just save to a thumbdrive or to the cloud. More on that later!

Buy it from


Buy it on disc and you'll be up and running in no time.


Remember that Slax OS is designed to be a temporary operating system, meaning there is never an install, and it will never touch the data on your computer's hard drive without your explicit permission.

In other words, to boot into Slax, you just boot from your Slax CD or USB drive instead of from your computer's hard drive. Think of it as you and Slax being parasites, and the computer your host. Actually, that's pretty disgusting, but you get the idea.